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Facilities & Student Life

  1. The Library of the Theological School

  2. Biblical-archaeological Museum

  3. Multimedia and digital technology hall

  4. Center of Sinaitic Studies

  5. Chapel of Saint Paul

  6. Advisory Office about psychic wealth

   Facilities and Resources   of the Faculty of Theology


Also, at the Athens University :


The University Club

operates as an Annex of the University of Athens and a public Corporate Body. It is aimed at improving the living conditions of the students of Athens University, along with their social intellectual development, through processes and initiatives of participation, socialization and self-administration.

It was founded in 1923, and with the passage of time, the University Club has been shaped and organized on a wider base, so as to meet, as much as possible, all the intellectual, cultural, material etc. needs and objectives of thousands of Athens University students, besides academic courses and research

Since 1930, the University Club has been located at the corner of Ippokratous and Academias streets, in the centre of Athens.

The University Club aspires to achieve its aim through the provision of free health care, meals, physical education equipment, the operation of health services, restaurants, a canteen, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a reading room, a library, and computer labs. In addition, the Centre attempts to accomplish its objective by facilitating the students' search for work and accommodation, organizing lectures, concerts, choirs, photography courses and exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, seminars, the cinema, excursions in Greece and abroad, developing international student relations and exchanges and by any other means that the Board of Directors of University Club considers capable of fulfilling its objective.

General information: University Club, 15 Ippokratous and Academias Streets, 106 79, Athens

Tel.: (+30) 2103688220, 2103688227, 2103688251, 2103688223


Counselling Centre for Students


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