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Dear Students,

We express our joy for your admission in the Department of Theology of the Theological School of the University of Athens, one of the oldest Schools in our University.

With your admission in the third educational degree, has already been completed a great circle of your life and from now on you are academic citizens. This is an advantage that has not been granted to you, but has been won by you, after longterm and hard fights of persistence, patience, willingness, selfdiscipline and mainly, zeal for education.

Your objectives, centred on the spiritual cultivation, are virtues emanating from your higher spiritual foundation, which you owe to your main supporters who are your parents and your teachers. Your parents have brought you up with sacrifices and pains and implanted sounds principles and ideals in your hearts, while your teachers nurtured you with the spiritual food of education and helped you reach up to here.

The quest of knowledge, which leads to an inspired way of life and to the acquisition of moral standards and values, will arm you with patience, courage and optimism in order not only to create a better world, than the one inherited to you by us, but also to be yourselves vehicles of social reformation.

You are the future of our society, the future of Greece, the ones who will keep up and support our cultural inheritance. You are called to study the sacred science of Theology and as integrated personalities, actuated by our hellenic-christian tradition, to assist the deliverance of our contemporary world from the upmost materialism, promoting on the same time the value of human person, created according to the image and likeness of God, and to harmonize the technological progress to the moral advancement, as Plato wrote to Menexenos "every science, which is separated from justice and from all the rest of virtues is not wisdom but slyness".

Dear first-year students, on behalf of all the colleagues of the Department of Theology, we welcome you and we are convinced that you will respond to your new obligations and will realize your goals, by the help of God and the support of your professors and the administrative personnel of our School.