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     The Theological School is one among the fourth Schools of the new founded University of Athens, which in the begging has been called “Theological School of Otto’s University”, next in 1862 has been renamed in “Theological School of the National University”, in 1911 has been once more renamed “Theological School of the Kapodistrian University” and since 1932 in “Theological School
of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens”.

    The School has started working for the first time in the neoclassical house of the architect Stamatios Cleanthous, which was the first building of the University of Athens. In 1841 the School has been transferred to the main building on Panepistimiou str., and finally in 1976 to the University Campus, Ano Ilissia.
    The first Professors since the foundation of the Theological School, who have been assigned, were the very Rev. Misail Apostolides, the first “Simantor” (=Dean), the very Rev. Theoklitos Pharmakides, Secretary of the Holy Synod and Constantine Kontogonis. The School during its first period has only eight students in a total of fifty two, who were registered in the University. The first student (female) has been registered only just 1932.

    The Theological School has a great offer to present in the Science, the Church and generally in the Greek Society. Seculars and clergymen have got the necessary knowledge and the capabilities, which will make them creative searchers and theologians for the good of education. It prepares specially the members of the Church, clergymen, seculars and monks to be able for serving the work of the Church and offering to the public life.

    Great ecclesiastical personalities have been graduated from the Theological School, such as the Patriarchs of Constantinople Vassilios III (†1929) and Photios II (†1935), of Alexandria Nikolaos V (†1939) and Peter VII (†2004), of Jerusalem Benedict I (†1980), Diodoros A (†2000), Irinaios I (†2000-2005) and Theophilos I (2005-), of Rumania Justin (†1986). Bishops and prelates of the Autocephal Orthodox Churches of Cyprus Chrysostom, Greece Ieronymos II and Albania Anastasios as their predecessors. The Saint Nektarios (†1920), the Ethnarch Makarios of Cyprus (†1977) and the most of the Metropolitans of the Church of Greece were graduated of the Theological School. The Ass. Prof. Christos Makris (†27-11-1912), who gave his own life for his faith and his country in Driskos battle, has been also graduated of this School. In this School study not only Greek-Orthodox, but also from other dogmas.

    The Scientific Annals have been published since 1924, which presents the searching work of the academic staff. Since the academic year (1954-55, vol. 10) has started the publishing of honor volumes. Since then every volume is dedicated to one or more professors, who have retired. Through this publishing is presented their curriculum vitae as also the titles of their work. All published papers have in principle a theological content and cover all theological interests.

    In 1974 has been founded the “Pastoral Faculty”, which 1975 has been abolished and instead of this has been founded the “Faculty of Priest Education”, of two years study. This Faculty functioned only two years, in 1977 has been abolished and in his place has been founded the “Pastoral Faculty” of four years study. In 1982 the Theological School has been divided in two Faculties: in “Faculty of Theology” and “The Pastoral Faculty”, which in 1994 through Presidents Decree has been renamed in “Faculty of Social Theology”. Both Faculties offer pre and post graduate programs in traditional and modern scientific fields, which give the possibility of global approaching of new learning needs.