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Konstantinos Belezos
Hermeneutical Section
Department of Theology NKUA

- Τel. (+30) 210.727.5744,


Konstantinos Belezos is Professor at the Department of Theology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Born in Chicago, Ill. USA (1965) and raised in Greece, he studied at the Universities of Athens (1982-1987) [Greece], Regensburg (1987-1989), Tűbingen (1989-1991) [Germany] and Besançon (1989) [France].

He was acclaimed Doctor of Theology with the doctoral Thesis The Interpretation of Oikoumenios on the Revelation of John (Historical and exegetical approach). Athens 1997.

He taught Religion for the secondary school education.

Lecturer since 1999, Assistant Professor since 2007, Associate Professor since 2014 and Ordinary Professor since 2020 at the Department of Theology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (“Biblical Studies”).

He teaches: Introduction and NT Exegesis, Hermeneutics and NT Interpretation, Exegetical Methodology and Theology of Gender and Environment.

He is specialized in John’s Revelation and Paul, Patristic Exegesis, Feminist Hermeneutics, Ecotheology and the Reception of the Bible in the modern Literature and Philosophy.

Modern Languages: Greek, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Romanian. Ancient languages: Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Patristic Syriac.

From his various publications we mention his monographical works:

a) The Interpretation of Oikoumenios the Diligent on St John’s Revelation (Historical and methodological approach). Athens 1999 (= Center of Research of Byzantium. Society of Friends of People: 8),

b) John Chrysostom and St Paul: The chronological classification of Pauline Epistles (3rd edition, completely revised and increased). Athens 2008 (1998) and, in new edition, NT Exegesis and Hermeneutics, Vol. I. The chronological classification of Pauline Epistles by St John Chrysostom. Athens 2014,

c) The Semantics of Marriage in St John’s Revelation. (Persons and Symbolism). Athens 2006 and, in new edition, Christ and Woman in St John’s Revelation (The biblical Metapher of marriage and its transformations). Athens 2018,

d) Professors of the Theological School of Athens University in the service of New Testament Exegesis and Hermeneutics (in the last 180 years). Athens 2020, and

e) History of the Modern Greek translations of the New Testament (from 16th to early 20th century) - The proposal of Professor Ioannis N. Karmiris. Athens 2020.

He has also published studies and articles in Proceedings, collective Volumes and scientific Journals and Magazines in Greece and abroad. He has also edited or curated books of theological, historical, philosophical, educational, and literary literature (Bl. Pascal, E. Kant, Fr. Nietzsche, F. Dostojefski, P. Claudel, N. Kazantzakis a.o.).


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