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Michalis Marioras
Historical Section
Department of Theology NKUA

-Tel.(+30) 210.727.5752,


Michalis Marioras is Associate Professor in History of Religions at Faculty of Theology National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

His research interests, publications and teaching cover the field of History of Religions (especially the religion of Islam), Religious Education, Specificities and Human Rights of Religious Minorities and Migrants, Islamic radicalism. He has published various articles and six books: (2020) Islamic radicalism: Historical and theological presuppositions of Jihād, (2019) Islam: Seeking ways with Muslims, (2015) Pre-islamic Arab religions: The Expected and the Unexpected, (2014) Islamic Pathways, Muslim approaches, (2014) The Dialogue of Muslims and westerns scholars about Sharī‘a, vol.i, Prophet and Law in Islam and vol.ii, Sunna and Sharī‘a in Islam.

His wider endeavor is to explore the possibilities of approaching and "renegotiating" sharī‘a within the modern world- Muslim and Western. These can advocate a milder Islamic discourse, cleared of the radicalized distortions that are increasingly making their presence felt. In this way, fanatical discourse can be marginalized and anachronistic "Islamic" expressions can be isolated. These elements have the potential to work fruitfully for the rapprochement of Christians and Muslims, interfaith and / or intercultural, with all the positive implications of such a perspective at European and international level.

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